Why Yubi Kids?

Child Friendly YouTube Parental Control

Yubi is completely kids friendly as it’s designed in a smart way with the same look & feel of a video application. The children don’t consider it as a parental control, so they don’t attempt to uninstall the app. In fact, with Yubi on board, it’s the only platform that they can watch videos.

After installing Yubi, allow the VPN for Internet protection settings can work. You can block Tik Tok, YouTube, Netflix and all other Video Platform.

Unique of Its Kind – A New Era in Parental Controlling

Unlike other parental control apps, Yubi does not display a warning message when the child attempts to access the restricted content, app or website. Instead; it stops the clicked app or site from loading content on the Internet so it all appears like the app or website has an internal connectivity problem.

This allows the kids not to feel restricted or monitored while parents stay completely in charge of their Internet usage and digital content consumption.

Carefully Selected Videos, reviewed by Real Mums

In addition to blocking the harmful or inappropriate content on your family devices; Yubi also allows you to select the most useful & educational YouTube videos and channels.

You can use our default & recommended country specific channels selected carefully according to age groups by our local child specialists. All lists are reviewed by real mums as well to give you extra piece of mind.

Child-Centered Design for Improving Attention & Focus on Kids


Our aim was to minimize the side effects of technology & social media consumption while designing Yubi Kids. Unlike other video watching platforms; Yubi does not bombard your child with lots of “related videos” which causes the children to jump from one to another which eventually end up with concentration & focus problems in later education years. With Yubi, your child will watch the pre-selected videos only by clicking on as they don’t automatically start or be recommended.

Ad-Free Internet Experience for the whole Family

Ad-Blocking feature of Yubi blocks all types of ads (banners, video ads, pop ups, etc) and gives you a commercial-free world while browsing on the Internet and using mobile apps installed on your phone.

Respects your Privacy – Works with Standard Permissions on your Mobile Device

Most of the parental control apps available on the market require mobile device management certificate which empowers the app to use your phone’s camera and microphone and also track your complete digital communication. But Yubi Kids never access any privacy informations of yours.

Advanced Malware Protection – Useful for Adults too!

Yubi is powered by EonScope Inc, a global company with head quarters in US specialised on providing secure Internet infrastructure & tools to businesses at global scale.

Our global customer base include IT companies, banks, financial instutions and airlines in US, UK, Europe and EMEA regions. Coming from corporate background; at EonScope Inc, we use cutting edge technologies on Big Data & AI to scan 420 million websites (including the expired domains) to understand what kind of content they provide and to assess their security risk scores. All that extensive experience and hard intelligent work ensures that your family’s online security is on the right hands.

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