Recommended Technology Use for 3-6 year-olds

At this age, the child should be helped to grasp the functioning of technological devices. In terms of eye health, the distance from the technological device should be at least 45 cm, and the child should be sitting in an upright position. The child should be informed about the duration of use in advance (recommended time is 30 minutes). The right to use technology should not be used as a reward-punishment logic for doing daily activities such as eating, doing homework or performing some responsibilities. Every child will want to push the limit set for him/her. That’s why, using technological tools by sticking to a certain routine (specified days and times) will help protect the limit. Technological tools should not be provided as a pacifier when children cry; otherwise, they will reinforce the child’s using crying as a tool to get what s/he wants, and thus the intended purpose of use is not achieved. In addition, it is known that technological tools are used as an important amusement during this age period and the usage time increases due to the lack of alternative activities. In order to prevent this, it would be beneficial to create a “Boredom List” with the child. In this list, there are activity ideas such as jigsaw, flower watering, playing dough, painting that the child can do alone and enjoy doing. Having a reminder list for children and parents who use technology because they don’t know what to do will make it easier to manage the process. Physical contact rules (such as sitting in your lap, holding his/her hand or putting your hand on his/her shoulder) and limiting use before sleep also apply to this age group.

This age range is also the period in which children’s play and gender roles begin to take shape. The content that the child will be exposed should be free from masculine (roles of rescuer male-victim woman), dominator (having a single authority as a decision maker), racist (discriminative expressions over black, white, yellow and red skin colors), sexist (angry male – delicate, emotional female figures) ) and abstract (death, being an angel, metaphorical meanings) contents as much as possible. Educational games and educational content should be preferred.
This age range generally coincides with the preschool period. In this period, programs prepared to teach educational and positive values to children have provable positive effects. For example, it has been observed that the children who regularly watch Sesame Street have more improved school readiness skills and vocabulary compared to the children who watch it less. Similarly, community-oriented programs such as Lassie, Mister Rogers Neighbourhood and Sesame Street, which emphasize sharing, politeness and benevolence, are known to have a positive effect on children’s behaviour. From this point of view, it can be said that the duration and the content of the children’s exposure to the screen are rather important rather than a completely restrictive approach.

The way characters speak, dress up and eat is very important. In addition, families do not realize that there are ad contents in some computer games and cartoons. For example, if the cartoon character eats French fries and candies and such food is restricted or prohibited for your child’s health, you have to be careful.
There are also some parental control apps that allow you to control your child’s online activity. However, while doing this, it’s very important not to make your child feel restricted; otherwise this approach won’t be sustainable in the long run. Therefore, it’s important to use a smart parental control app that allows you not only to control but also direct your child’s video & online activity to a safer place without making him/her feel restricted.

YUBI is a next generation parental control application developed for today’s kids and their parents’ technology challenges. Unlike other classical parental control apps that provide mainly adult content filtering; YUBI allows you to shape your child’s YouTube experience completely including managing the channels subscribed, videos watched and all keywords searched for.
Additionally, you can monitor the screen time by setting daily time limits as well as mandatory breaks. With advanced filters & control options added on top, you’ll stay completely in charge of your child’s Internet & YouTube experience and digital content consumption. You can see for more details on what makes Yubi unique and next generation.