If your child becomes addicted to the internet, there are ways to protect her/him from this addiction as well. Some of the ways of protecting from internet addiction and the ways of internet addiction recovery are more or less the same. For example, spending time with your child is useful both to prevent internet addiction and to rescue children from this addiction. Activities that draw your child’s interest, focus their energy on something other than the internet, and help to strengthen his/her bond with you serve for both of these purposes.

If you have one personal computer in your house, set it up in a common area rather than your child’s room. If you have a notebook and your child uses it, then let him/her use that notebook in shared space of the house such as salon, living room, kitchen rather than using it in his/her room. In this way, it will be easier for you to control how much time s/he spends with it.

If your child has become an internet addict, banning the internet once for all may cause your child to get away from you and keep this habit secretly. You can gradually reduce internet usage to reasonable durations instead of cutting it out at once.