It was found that most of the times, the parents’ behaviors and guidance have an impact on the children’s internet addiction. Of course, no family consciously causes their children to become an internet addict. However, parents should not forget that the children imitate adults. Therefore, it is also important that parents should limit their internet usage as well.

It is easier to handle a child who is focused on a screen and does not make any sound than a child who makes mess and noise. However, being energetic is a part of the natural development of the children. Canalize your child to physical activities with which s/he can de-energize her/himself. Encourage her/him to spend her/his time in sports, exercise, natural activities, a hobby s/he can like or any other thing. Thus, the possibility of the child being an internet addict will automatically decrease.

In addition to this, children spending their time in front of a screen may seem like to prevent their misbehaving in the short term; but there is a possibility that s/he may become more mischievous in the long term as s/he cannot de-energize her/himself. Hyperactivity or attention disorders may occur in children who can not de-energize themselves or does not how to do so.

Experts suggest that children, aged 0-3 years, should be kept away from technology and the internet entirely. In this period, during which brain development is extremely rapid and intense, it is better to follow the experts’ advice.

In the following years, do not try to keep your child completely away from technology and the internet. Put aside that being able to use to technology becomes a necessity in nowadays, if you make technology a “forbidden object”, then you can increase your child’s interest in that. Another negative side of this is that your child realizes that you do not approve this and s/he starts lying to you.

Let her/him use the internet at a reasonable time. Ensure that s/he understands that the internet can be used not only for playing games, watching videos or spending times but also to increase your knowledge, learn new things or speeds up your works.

You can buy an e-book reader to her/him in order to satisfy her/his interest and enthusiasm in electronics. In this way, s/he gains reading habit and gains it on an electronic device. Moreover, s/he gets used to that the electronic devices are not just for using the internet or watching videos.

Above all, ensure that s/he uses the internet for certain durations since from the very first moment s/he starts using the internet. There are simple, easy-to-use software called parental control applications or internet protection applications. If you are going to buy a smartphone or tablet for your child, be sure that you have installed one of these applications. Thus you can limit the time s/he spends on the device and be sure that s/he is protected against the malware.