Advanced YouTube & Video Management

Yubi gives you a baseline of carefully selected default & recommended country specific YouTube channels for different age groups so you can build up your own lists easily by searching, browsing and adding new channels. Additionally, we give you the extra flexibility of “defining allowed search keywords" to shape your child’s YouTube experience completely along with the ability to set daily limits including mandatory breaks or instant stop video watching anytime anywhere

Manage Built-In Channels
View, select & deselect default and recommended lists selected by our child specialists & tested by real mums.
Browse and Add Your Own Channels & Videos
Browse Youtube channels & videos and add them easily to build your own choice list.
Manage Videos & Channels
Review your own choice list including saved individual videos per child and edit them anytime.
Set & Manage Search Keywords
Define your allowed search keywords to set boundaries for your child’s YouTube experience.
Manage Watch Time
Set allowed daily watch time for your child along with mandatory breaks.
Instant Stop on Video Activity
You can stop the video watching on your child’s device anytime anywhere.

On-Off Based Advanced Filtering Options


Safe Search on All Search Engines

With the safe search on/off button whatever your child searches on the Internet, the listed results won’t include any adult, violence or hate speech related content.


Access to Social Media Apps

Enable/disable access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to protect your young children from social media platforms.


Disable application store access

Be in full control of what your child installs on his/her mobile device. Allow / not allow new apps to be installed without your information.


Enable / Disable Video Applications

The control of accessing to Netflix, YouTube, Daily Motion, TikTok, Vimeo and other video apps is at your finger tips.


Access to Adults, Gambling & Dating Sites/Apps

Enable/disable access to adult, gambling or dating web sites and apps.


Protection from Malware & Phishing

The cutting edge AI & Big Data technologies behind Yubi is scanning millions of websites on daily basis to categorise their content and assess their security.


Block the Online Games

Bullying, identity theft, credit card fraud and even sexual exploitation are potential risks in online games. You can enable/disable access to games requiring online access easily.


Block Ads on Everywhere

Yubi blocks all types of ads (banners, video ads, pop ups, etc) and gives you a commercial-free Internet on your mobile, YouTube videos and mobile apps installed on your phone.

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