• Controlled video watching on Yubi application by blocking YouTube and all other video applications
  • Video channels selected according to the child’s age and development
  • Providing secure video content
  • Video watch duration restriction
  • Detection of child-friendly videos
  • Game restriction
  • Restricted access to social media applications (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Restricted access to chat applications (Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Restriction on applications and web sites with adult content
  • Blocking or restricting the internet browser
  • Internet security (Protection against viruses, cyber attacks and frauds)
  • Remote management of mobile devices
  • Central management of multiple mobile devices
  • Supports multiple mobile operating systems (iOS and Android)

As this kind of applications work based on putting certain restrictions on children, this might be seen a bit cruel, so to say; however, remember the candy example mentioned above, if we do not put these restrictions, and leave the children on their own  there is a possibility that s/he will tend to do whatever s/he enjoys without thinking the consequences. Therefore, you can make them use the internet within certain rules, just as you let them use other useful things within certain rules.

Parental control applications are an effective method in preventing internet addiction in children and in rescuing them from this addiction. However, just as any other addiction, internet addiction can also be emerged due to the unconsciousness or unawareness, but it may also occur due to the fact that your child feels that the internet is a safe escape from another problem.

So, there might be deeper problems that lie behind your child’s internet addiction.Try to communicate and bond with her/him in order to find out these problems. If the problem is more complicated or extensive than you can handle, you can receive support from an expert.