The first step to take to prevent internet addiction in children is to identify the kid who shows the potential for addiction. The ones who can identify the internet addicted child most accurately and immediately are her/his parents. Therefore it is useful for parents to know the symptoms of internet addiction in children. Some of the symptoms are as in the below:

  • S/he becomes aggressive or depressive when s/he does not have access to the internet.
  • S/he becomes angry or intolerant when her/his access to the internet is interrupted.
  • S/he does not focus on the activities, which s/he loves and enjoys before internet addiction, or abandon them for good.
  • S/he lies about time s/he spends on the internet.
  • S/he lies about her/his house works and home assignments. S/he avoids them.
  • S/he starts to prefer spending time on the internet to human interaction and even to eat food.
  • They can’t fall asleep without watching TV or video.
  • S/he becomes aggressive or completely turns into her/himself when you take their devices such as computer, smartphone.
  • They develop tolerance just as drug addicts. In other words, they want to use the internet more and more.
  • S/he tries to quit playing games or spending time on the internet; but fails.

As you see, some of these symptoms can be thought for substance addiction of any kind. Therefore, internet addiction is a serious issue.