Child Friendly Parental Control & Secure Use of YouTube for Children

Yubi is a youtube parental control mobile app developed for today’s kids and their parents’ technology & digital safety challenges.

What is YUBI

Unlike other classical parental control apps that provide mainly adult content filtering; YUBI allows you to manage the Youtube channels and videos that your child can watch to. With advanced filtering & control options added on top of it, you’ll stay completely in charge of your child’s Internet usage and digital content consumption.

Advanced YouTube Control

Yubi comes with carefully selected default & recommended YouTube watch lists specific for your country and child age. Our safe watch lists are also reviewed and tested by real mums! You can use these as a baseline and add more depending on your child’s interest and your preferences.

You can also set your allowed search keywords for YouTube so your child’s YouTube experience will be totally shaped by you in an ad-free way.

Digital Security at First

Yubi provides advanced online protection against Malware, Fraud & Phishing. The AI & Big Data technologies behind Yubi is scanning millions of websites on daily basis to categorise their content and assess their security.

All this means for you is you and your family will be completely safe on the Internet with Yubi on board against to all malware, fraudalent and phishing content.

Ad-Free & Child-Safe Content

Thanks to easy-to-use on/off based filter management on Yubi; you can activate safe search feature on all search engines which means whatever your child searches on the Internet, the listed search results won’t include any adult, violence or hate speech related content.

Additionally you can have a completely ad-free internet experience, enable/disable access to adult, gambling or online games websites.

On-Off Switch for Video & Social Media Apps

The control of access to Youtube, Netflix, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others are at your finger tips!

Advanced filter management panel empowers you to control your child’s digital activity whenever you need it.

All-in-One & Unlimited Online Safety for Your Family

You can add as many devices as you like for your family. There is no upper limit on the number of users & devices you can add to your family accout. In addition to that, you can manage all of these anytime and anywhere!

Using Yubi’s advanced control panel, you can set and change preferences easily and individually per user/child.

App Screenshots

We designed the Parents & Kids interfaces in a user-friendly way to give you a simple, clean and comfortable experience. Here are some examples of Yubi’s look & feel…

YUBI in Numbers

We create a difference to our users by utilizing our advanced technology know-how, talented IT people with the support of local child specialists & real mums!


Websites Scanned & Categorised


YouTube Channels in Safe Watch Lists


Users Protected Online

It’s So Easy to Get Started

After installing Yubi, simply follow these three steps to start enjoying it!

Create a Family
Verify your account and add Child/-ren
Install Yubi on every Family Device
Join your family account on every device installed Yubi
Assign Devices
Assign Devices to your Child/-ren

Then you’ll be ready to manage Youtube Channels & Filters for all your children!

Go on and install Yubi now!

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